The Top Electric Tricycles in 2019 for Adults and Senior Cyclists

The Electric tricycle has revolutionized our thoughts on cycling and made it possible for more and more people to ride. Some of us can’t ride the traditional bikes due to coordination and core strength concerns. With too many options of these convenient 3-wheel design models in the market today, how do you find one that is perfect for you?

What is an Electric Trike?

We often confuse trikes to be somewhat of a kid’s bike. Me when I think of a kids trike, i think of a cane basket with tassles on the handlebars……. Far from it, an electric trike is simply a tricycle that infuses a battery-powered motor to aid in propulsion when riding.

Generally, an electric trike will strap an adult or senior adult with an average speed of about 20mph. In a single charge, most of them can run up to 25-30km without having to peddle to hard. With today’s congestion in our cities and air pollutants, an electric tricycle is a worthy inclusion to our roads.

Who is Suited to Ride Electric Trikes?

Bicycles are basically for those who are naturally fit to balance on two wheels. However, an electric tricycle is perfect for adults and seniors who have injuries and health complications that prevent them from being active or getting on the electric trikes 2 wheeled cousin.

You can ride an electric trike in the pedal-assist mode, or on full-electric, if needed. It is a great idea for people with mobility issues but still want to stay fit and move around town.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Trike for Adults

If you’re picking an electric trike for an adult or senior rider, here are a couple of points to keep in mind:


There is a large range of electric tricycle designs that cater for a range of mobility and injury related health concerns. You can opt to either pick the traditional trikes, chopper trikes, low-step trikes, or even the vintage trikes, depending on the footing construct. Nonetheless, a favourite electric trike for seniors, for good reason, is the low-step electric trike.


Electric trikes come in two wheel dimensions; the 20-inch and 24-inch wheels. You might want to keep in mind that the 24-inch wheels are ideal for riders taller than 5’7’’.


A good electric tricycle is one that encompasses comfortable and convenient features for cyclists. Case in point, a storage basket that enables the rider to carry goods, bags and or shopping during the transit around town.

Digital Speedometer, power and Gear interface that enable you to see how fast you are going the amount of power being applied from the electric trikes motor and the amount of power remaining in the battery.


Depending on which trike you go for, On average, most of these electric trikes have 7 gear transmissions and can reach top speeds of about 25-35km/h.

The Top 3 Electric Tricycles for Adults

Addmotor Motan M-350 Electric Tricycle

trike bike

This is one of the most popular heavy-duty electric trikes perfect for adults of up to 350 lbs. The M-350 is an ideal electric tricycle for carrying heavy loads or even for those who simply want an electric trike to commute daily.

The design of this model best fits adults with a height within 5’22” and 6’6”. Its 24-inch rugged front wheel makes the M-350 just right for all terrains.

A 500W brushless motor powers this electric trike to realize a top speed of about 20 miles per hour. The M-350 can run up to about 45 miles on a single charge when using the level one pedal-assist function. That’s right! You can choose to cycle without the electric assist.


  • Fork suspensions to cushion bumpy terrains
  • An LCD monitor for speed and battery status displays
  • The robust aluminum frame design for a heavy load capability
  • Quick battery recharge time of less than 5 hours


  • At first, you might find it hard to make turn – you may have to practice first, or keep a little bit of speed.

Worksman Adult Electric Tricycle

workmans adult tricycle

This foldable hybrid pedal-operated adult electric tricycle comes with a battery charger for its rechargeable battery. The manufacturer of the Worksman model integrates a 36-volt brushless motor into its design for a top speed of about 15mph per unit charge.

The speed rate of this electric trike is significantly dependent on the rider input, weight of the rider, as well as the condition of the terrain. You might be interested to know that the Worksman electric trikes are perfect for cyclists who weigh up to about 200 lbs.


  • The low-step design construction for senior adults
  • A convenient foldable frame
  • The LCD battery indicator to monitor the status of the battery
  • Its big-sized cargo basket for holding your possessions


  • You don’t get detailed instructions on how to assemble this electric trike

E-Wheels EW-29 Electric Adult Tricycle

Adult tricycle

This easy to ride adult electric tricycle is ideal for those who’re enthusiastic about leisure cycling. The EW-29 is easy to operate and offers three riding modes; full-electric, pedaling, and the pedal-assist mode.

It packs a 500-watt battery that sufficiently propels the electric trike to top speeds of about 11mph. The EW-29 is surely not the fastest electric trike on sale, but its speed is just right for most senior cyclists to have a wonderful riding experience.

The model is of a low-step design build for those with mobility concerns and the frame construct is of robust steel. What’s more? It has front and rear storage baskets. The one on its rear end is large enough to carry bulky items, or even your pet, while the one on the front end is perfect for holding a handbag or even your water bottle.


  • The low-step frame design construction makes getting on this electric trike a breeze
  • The forward | reverse switch lets you operate the electric trike just as you would an electric scooter when in full-electric mode
  • The battery indicator allows you to monitor the status of the battery
  • The backrest design of its seat makes your ride comfortable


  • Despite the backrest feature of the EW-29, the seat is rather small and narrow


In our opinion, the best adult electric tricycle from the ones described above is probably the Addmotor MOTAN M-350 Electric Tricycle. The trike can top speeds of 20mph and is ideal for riding in almost every terrain imaginable. It’s suited for senior riders, carriers, and commuters.

Electric trikes make pedaling an option when you want to get some exercise or you can just let it hassle. It really doesn’t matter why you must have an electric trike. If you are taking up bike riding, but are wary of falls, an adult electric trike is a smart consideration because of the stability it provides.

With all of the information outlined in this article, you should have a clear understanding of what an electric tricycle is and be in a position to choose one that best fits your needs.