Folding Electric Bike

The Foldable electric bike is designed for city, and apartment living. It typically has a smaller frame, a smaller wheel base, smaller wheels and is considerably lighter than your average bike. The foldable e bike has these design characteristics to enable efficient storage at home and on public transport. Another design characteristic is the similar seating configuration to the city ebike, in that it is quite upright compared to the e mtb or the e road bike. The folding e bike is enables you to commute with the freedom to choose to walk, ride and utilise public transport in the one transit.

When looking for a foldable electric bike there a few things you should take into consideration.

  • Know your budget – Foldable e bikes vary considerably in cost but knowing your budget will help you narrow down the best folding electric bike for you.
  • Electric Bike folding mechanism ensure the components that make it electric do not hamper the fold mechanism
  • Electric folding bike – Measure the areas you want to store the e bike and research the required storage dimension of your potential folding e bike. This will prevent you from having to return the purchase in the event you order you e bike and it doesn’t fit where you need to
  • Electric Bike recharge – It’s great you are looking at an e bike, however, depending on the distance you are travelling you may still need to recharge once you reach your destination, so make sure you have access to power points in you work space.
  • Foldable e bike battery – You may have a long transit, and may need to carry a spare e bike battery , ensure you store your spare electric bike battery somewhere on the foldable e bike that does not impede any part of the folding mechanism

You can find a list of Folding Electric bikes in Australia below.