Electric Mountain Bike

electric off road bikeThe electric bike is not a new invention, however the rapid advancement in alloys, metals and lithium ion technology has enabled electric bike manufacturers to capitalise on an emerging market and the e mountain bike is no exception. Electric bike companies and e bike manufacturers have been teaming up with engineering companies like bosch e bikes who develop top of the range electric bike components.

And really when I think of mountain bikes you don’t think, electric mountain bike, well I know i didn’t originally. I think back to my hard core riding days thinking i was a down-hill demon, who could launch over anything and fly around a berm at mac 4! This image however was extinguished when I watched a video of me flying around said berm, and going over the jumps at what I thought was mac 4, only to find it was probably only about 30 kmph.

Since a few injuries and a stiff reality check, I have found a far better solution for me and for the everyday rider who still want to get out on the track for a great ride.Perhaps last a little longer than everyone else and still have energy to hit the berm at MAC 4, or climb the next elevation. Think of the E MTB as the fiend that gives you a little assistance when you are toast after a hill climb and you don’t think you can make it.  It allows you to do all of the things you used to do on a non battery powered bike; it just allows you to pedal a little easier, and a little further. This distance can increase even further if you decide to carry a spare ebike battery.

best e bikeThere are a huge range of electric mountain bikes out there and Australian electric bicycle importers and e bike manufacturers are starting to see the increase in popularity. Although only a very small part of the market the electric mountain bike is definitely on the rise. I have put together a list of 10 of the best e mountain bikes you can buy in Australia from either ebike manufacturers or Electric bike supplier. I have also put together a list of the best e mountain bike imports.