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Electric Bikes in Australia

Motorised bikes, AKA electric bikes, are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport for commuters, and there is good reason. In Australia, the average work hours per week are increasing, the commute time is increasing with traffic and our public transport system is struggling to keep up with demand. We sit down on the way to work, we get in an elevator to get to the right floor and then we sit at our desk all day; then to top it all off we stay at our desk and eat lunch. We struggle to get time to ourselves let alone have time for exercise and some fresh air.

The solution for people in urban areas is owning an electric powered bicycle. The fact that we live a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean we cant get some exercise in and breathe some fresh air without having to go to a gym and sweat it out.

Electric Road Bikes

Less than 2 years ago the thought of having an Electric road bike, seemed….completely unfathomable. The roady purest are still claiming that Ebikes aren’t really going to change the road bike Status Quo. However, the road bike is no exception to electric bike technological and they are here to stay.

I like to think that the ebike technology is similar to the old science fiction accelerator suit, like in the GI Joe movies where every action can be accelerated, with more accuracy and more power than just being human. The hybrid technology of E bikes attempts to create a seamless extension of the power you produce with your legs, and for the most part Electric bike manufacturers and technology is succeeding.

Having Electric bike technology on a road bike will enable you to ride further with less effort, perfect for making the daily commute that much easier, that much more attainable or extending your weekend ride with friends.

With emerging and improving technologies developing lighter, stronger alloys paired with a huge increase in lithium ion battery capacity the development of E bikes is growing considerably and is one of the fastest growing markets around the world. Online bike stores such as 99bikes and Pushy’s  are starting to understand the importance of electric bikes in our future society.

A couple of factors that will see to the rise and dominance of the electric road bike in Australia:

  1. Australia is a massive continent
  2. Our temperatures are far higher than in Europe
  3. Generally we are a pretty green thinking country and the environment consideration is important
  4. We travel longer distances to work regularly
  5. We have a pour travel infrastructure in out cities.

Although once again the purest out there will be saying “nah this won’t ever happen, it’s not cycling”. Think about the horse and the cart vs vehicles.

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Electric City Bike

Electric City bikeThe electric city bike is one of many great designs that enables you to use your ebike as your main mode of transport. It is very comfortable and is perfect for those transits in between work, the grocery store and of course hanging out with your friends, after work or on weekends. The electric bicycle has models that are;

  • engineered to provide a comfortable more upright seating position.
  • more compact for storage
  • easy to maneuver
  • full sized and
  • have multiple storage locations depending on what you need to carry.
  • customised lighting, and
  • customised mud gaurd configurations.

The Benefits of owning and riding an ebike are endless but I have listed a few below;

  • Commute longer distances via ebike compared to normal peddle bike
  • You don’t have to rely on public transport
  • Easily stored for small apartments
  • Plugin recharge
  • Minimal maintenance
  • You can plug it in and recharge overnight for less than 20 cents per charge
  • Recharge of you electric bike battery can be between 2-4 hours
  • The electric drive system allows you to forgo the heavy lifting and enjoy the ride, therefor no more sweating on the way to work arriving in a fluster, and
  • No more waiting for trains or buses
  • Environmentally friendly, and cleaner than petrol/diesel driven cars and buses
  • Freedom to go wherever and whenever you want

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Hybrid Electric City Bike

Hybrid Electric Bike can be a confusing term, as there are a number of definitions, however, for this website, the easiest way to think of it is, a combination of road and mountain bike. It is the jack of all trades in the electric bike community, although i am not sure I’d like to take them on some serious off road terrain, and would keep it to the roads or parks.