About Us

My Name is John Furlin andelectric mountainbike my electric bike site was born from a passion initially about bikes, riding and the outdoors. I love the outdoors and electric bikes in the last few years have proved to be able to transform my life and some close mates and has really given me the opportunity to give back to the environment. I have been inspired by the thought of green and renewable energy powered transportation system in Australia, one that Electric bikes are major part of.

This green energy idea, includes having the E-bike as your urban commutes instead of the carbon monoxide exhaust produced by cars and buses, in and around all our cities.  According to the Department of Environment and Energy, Carbon monoxide levels in Australia are quite low and shouldn’t cause any long term effects,  except for in the larger cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

You may be thinking an ebike isn’t going to make a difference however, a  report on the Carbon Emissions from New Australian Vehicles stated that for every litre of fuel 2298grams of CO2 is produced and for one litre of diesel it will produce up to 2695grams of CO2. If your average commute burns 10L of fuel that is 26950 grams of carbon monoxide, and say you are one of hundreds of thousands of cars commuting to and from the city. The maths is pretty easy. Electric bikes are going to be at the for front of city transportation modes. Just imagine the amount of Carbon we can remove from our cities and our atmosphere purely by utilising electric bikes instead of petrol and diesel transportation modes.

I am dedicated to doing my bit, in reducing the pollution in our cities and the advancement of electric transport and e bike technology, and educating as many people as I can about the alternative modes of transport available when living in a city like Sydney.