Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bike

The electric bike is not a new invention, however the rapid advancement in alloys, metals and lithium ion technology has enabled electric bike manufacturers to capitalise on an emerging market and the e mountain bike is no exception. Electric bike

Road Ebike

Electric Road Bike & City E Bike

Electric Bikes in Australia Motorised bikes, AKA electric bikes, are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport for commuters, and there is good reason. In Australia, the average work hours per week are increasing, the commute time is increasing with

Foldable E Bike

Folding Electric Bike

The Foldable electric bike is designed for city, and apartment living. It typically has a smaller frame, a smaller wheel base, smaller wheels and is considerably lighter than your average bike. The foldable e bike has these design characteristics to

What is an Electric Bike and What does having an E bike mean for you?

Electric Bikes are going to be the new age driving. Cycle-share programs, e bike commuting, and the expansion of electric bike-lane networks top today’s huge-city traffic schemes………and whilst mindsets towards cycling and cyclists are rapidly changing, so are our bikes.

A new generation of electric bikes have hit the market and they have revolutionised our concept of environment friendly transportation and e cycling. I’m sure you have seen them on the road, and yes they are here to stay. They’re as convenient as our cars but almost as economical as existing bicycles. Here’s what, how… and all you need to know about this electric two-wheeled innovation.

What is an Electric Bicycle?

When you think of an electric bicycle, don’t picture an electric motorcycle or a scooter – they actually look pretty different. Simply picture your regular bicycle, and then complement it with a small number of e bike designed components like an battery, motor, and controller – all of which are seamlessly integrated into the ebike design. How Do Electric Bikes Work?

A full electric bike will pedal and handle just as your regular bicycle does. What’s more, E bikes make use of the same parts too. However, they rely on the following three components working together for them to operate:

Electric Bike Motor

This is the most significant feature in an electricity bike. Depending on how hard you pedal your e bike, the motor adjusts assistance to convey the right amount of power. There are various types of motors for electric bikes – the mid-drive, front hub, and the rear hub motors.

E Bike Battery

Today’s an e bike battery equips their rider with approximately 35-100 kms per unit charge. This range is dependent on your riding style – electric only, pedal only, or pedal assist. E-bike batteries are made from lithium-ion – the same material that’s used to power electric cars. It is as easy as plugging your e bike battery charger into the wall at home, and vwala, overnight the battery will charge to 100%. Most E bike batteries have a capacity of 300, 400 or 500 Watt Hours.

You can leave the battery on the bike while it’s plugged in to charge, or take it off and charge it away from the bike. Additional electric bike battery packs are available to purchase.

E Bike Drivetrain

The drive train provides the power and torque necessary to manually turn the wheels of the bicycle. Mid-drive motors send power directly to the drivetrain, making chain cranking easier. Most drivetrains also allow the rider to shift gears, increasing or decreasing the amount of effort, depending on the speed.

These battery powered bikes are designed to augment human power, not entirely replace it. The innovative idea behind e-bikes is it all is to make impediments, like headwind and hills, more manageable. Cycling purests regard their rise in popularity as a threat, and a fad, but they are definitely here to stay. I dont beleive this will render the current bike as obsolete, however, the ebikes will definitely revolutionise the way we look at transport in and around our major cities. All said and done however, fear not! Watch this video to learn more about how e-bikes really work.

Types of Electric Bikes

best e bikeElectric Mountain Bike

The mountain ebike is perfect for off road adventures, although a little slower than its on road counter parts due to its wait, where it travels and the size of its wheels, it is made for those forest or dirt trails that everyone loves to hit.


best e bike

Electric Road Bike

The electric road bike is a little more stylish than its younger brother the Mountain e bike, however it is fast sleek, and will enable you to ride further with less effort than you standard bike, or it can just make that Sunday morning ride that much easier, so you can enjoy the coffee afterwards.


Electric City bikeThe City Ebike

The City e bike, was designed for cruising, or commuting to work. Most of these e cruisers have ample storage space, with comfortable seats and an upright seating position, which helps if you are wearing your work clothes on the commute.

Foldable E Bike

Folding Electric bike

The foldable electric bike is in a class of its own, enabling a great electric bike commute or travel, and a simple and compact storage solution. Great for apartments, and inner city living where space is a premium.

electric tricycle

Electric Tricycle

The Electric trike is a stable riding platform for any riding ability. It has many of the same features of the city ebike, but with increased storage capacity and an additional wheel at the rear of the ebike, great for shopping or load hauling.

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So,Why Should You Buy an Electric Bike?

I bet you ask, if the electric bicycle is doing the work, how do I exercise? Now then, the secret to turning your e-bike into a fitness tool is – make use of its motor just enough for you to keep going. You can always opt to cycle until the power assisted bicycle is need to get you over the next hill or you hit a flat spot in energy. The motor is there to assist, which just means you can travel further and a little faster than normal, which means longer adventures with your riding mates.

E bikes mean less effort when travelling

By and large, e-bikes are ordinary bicycles that are battery-powered to assist riders in pedaling. Once you hop on an e-bike and push its pedals, the mounted motor engages to give you a boost. You can easily cruise through challenging terrain without getting tired (fatigued)?

Having an Electric Bike will save you money

Investing in an e-bike is definitely a worthwhile investment as the operating costs are significantly lower compared to cars or motorbikes. More often than not an e bike costs about $1400 – $5600 AUD, just about the same as a high-end road-bike.

Obviously, electric bike battery replacement should only happen every two years or so, however, that depends on how often you charge.  Most e bikes in Australia have a lithium ion battery which can have from 500-1000 charges and range between $400-$900.00 to replace. You can check out battery prices here at the Electric Bike Super Store.  When you sum up parking fees, tolls, fuel, car running expenses and insurance you will find the electric bike is not only a considerable money saver, it is fun, practical and inexpensive way of commuting. What’s more, depending on the ebike battery capacity and charger capacity, you may only need 3 hours to recharge it.  So, if you have a substantial commute to work and use the full e bike  battery you can unclip your battery and recharge it at work, then plug it back in when you want to go home, or you can take a spare battery and replace it on the go.

What if I only have time for a partial charge?

Well, that’s also fine, however like all rechargeable lithium ions, they only have so many chargers and I feel like you would be wasting a full charge.  You can plug the battery’s cable into any functional wall outlet. You don’t have to seek out a charging station.

An E bike was an easy decision in the end for me!